What power lies in an image? If we’re pretending that image is a representation of reality, either that of the present or that of an idealized future, then that an image has the power to inspire us, limit us, lift us and oppress us; it has the power to shape not only how we see ourselves in the present, but to define the limits of what we can reach in the future. JUST NØT THE SAME is an effort to expand our visual understanding of both this existing and idealized reality. If architects are seeking to design an experiential and functional world that real people live in, then we believe we must learn to visualize the world as it is and embrace that this is the world that we need. Visibility and visualization is just one step. JUST NØT THE SAME is a digital catalog comprised of the misrepresented and the under-acknowledged, the otherized populations that are so absent in traditional design imagery. This is part of an effort to reveal the true modes and actions that are at play in the world around us, to reclaim digital and visual space as a multi-colored manifestation of reality and thereby placing a diversity of faces, bodies, and individuals at the forefront of our collective imagined future. We are not just seeking to provide a service; we are here to evolve the practice.
Julian Barnes • Alex Cruz • Adela Park • Nneka Sobers • Amber Moore • Alicia Ajayi • Josten Gonzalez • Christopher Chung • Camila Gutierrez