HUMAN is not only a ceremony of abstractions and societal identifiers, it is the conduit to the physical constructs of the black and brown body. It’s here as a conversation of this dichotomy. We begin this next phase of HUMAN in order to recognize this very notion. We have created a space for open dialogue for you to embrace all that HUMAN has to offer. We challenge you to remember. We encourage you to understand. We invite you to participate in the narrative of:
Alton Sterling • Michael Brown • Eric Garner • Sean Bell • Manuel Loggins Jr. • Tamir Rice • Freddie Gray • Christian Taylor • Ezell Ford • Jamar Clark • Laquan McDonald • Walter Scott
… victims and active participants in violence. We seek to take their narrative without judgement but as humans. What can bring us together. What can change our futures. This exhibition will not be defined by the confines of space or time. It will become mobile. You will become the exhibit.